Mesner Puppet Theater believes that puppets can help young people become happy, successful, and well-adjusted adults. We are dedicated to providing educational experiences that speak to your student's innate sense of self-expression and creativity. Contact Alex at (816) 756-3500 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your experience today!


workshops-newfriendThe New Friend Workshop

Empathizing with others, understanding and controlling our emotions, and using our words to express ourselves can be difficult skills for young people. Oftentimes, they need a unique and stimulating experience that helps foster and support this development. The New Friend Workshop is an opportunity for students to interact with a friendly puppet character just their size and age, all the while exploring and reinforcing vital life skills such as emotional recognition, calm down techniques, and using our words to communicate. The highly interactive and conversational workshop allows for students to take turns, use their words to voice their opinions, and express themselves.

Grade Levels: Preschool (3-5 years old,) Kindergarten
Program length: 30 minutes
Maximum group size: 20 students for Preschool, 30 students for Kindergarten
Fee: $75 for first workshop, $60 for additional workshops on same day

Ask about a paper puppet making add-on for your Kindergarten classroom!


workshops-hero1Superhero ME! Workshop

Everyone has a superhero inside them, a version of themselves who is strong, resilient, and helps others. You don't need to walk through walls or throw fire, you just need empathy and the emotional strength to be your best self. Through this workshop, students will create simple paper puppet superhero versions of themselves, all the while exploring their helpful sides, empathizing with others, and building confidence in their unique attributes. Students can then bring their new puppets to life,
collaborating with their peers to make their new puppets talk, move and interact. 

workshops-hero2Grade levels: 1st-4th
Program length: 90 minutes
Maximum group size: 30 students
Fee: $150 for first workshop, $125 for following workshops on same day

Creating can get energetic! We ask teachers to be involved in the puppet-making process, helping students as needed. No puppet-making experience required!


workshops-show1Show Workshops

We have a workshop for every show in our season, designed to give your students a deeper look into the story and it's themes. Students will have an opportunity to create
a puppet inspired by the show, that they can bring to life with their peers! Workshops available for: The Dinosaur Show, The Snowy Day, Rhymes, Rap Miss Mary Mack, and Go, Dog, Go!

workshops-show2Grade levels: K, 1st-4th
Program length: 90 minutes
Maximum group size: 30 students
Fee: $150 for first workshop, $125 for additional workshops on same day

These workshops are great companion to your field trip, but also stand alone as a fun experience for your class. Available at your school or after the show at our theater!


workshops-sockpuppetsSock Puppet Workshop

Everyone loves a sock puppet! They are a great way to introduce young people to the world of puppetry, and allows people to express themselves by designing a puppet with their own unique vision. Once the puppets are finished, we will collaborate with our peers to bring our puppets to life, while exploring storytelling and performance basics in the process.

Grade levels: K, 1st-4th
Program length: 120 minutes
Max group size: 30 students
Fee: $250 for first workshop, $225 for additional workshops on same day

This workshop involves hot gluing and requires help from adults in the room.


workshops-residenciesPuppet Residencies

Interested in bringing Mesner Puppet Theater to your school for a residency? We can work with your students to use puppetry as a tool for a range of enriching experiences, from STEM to social/emotional themes, to just plain self-expression and fun! Contact us to talk more about your goals and needs, and we can tailor an experience that is just right for your students.


workshops-prodevProfessional Development

Puppets have been used as teaching tools for centuries. They have the power to make curriculum more engaging and stimulating, supports motor skill development, and can help young people with their social and emotional growth. We can implement a fun and empowering experience for your
educators, equipping them with the knowledge and self-confidence they need to incorporate puppets into their classrooms in a range of exciting ways.


Our Puppets in Education program is sponsored in part by:
Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation
Hall Family Foundation